Professional Events

Our key goals in regard to professional events is to create a well-rounded and professionally competent member.

During the graduate recruitment season, we usually host a range of events that allow our members to network with potential employers—these include office tours, networking events and mock interviews. Our ultimate aim in providing these events is to allow our members to network with potential employers and secure an interview.

As a chapter, we are determined to arrange Q+A sessions with several business leaders, such as CEOs, CFOs and partners. We also aim to host professional events that provide opportunities to connect with current business leaders. Ultimately, we hope these events shall inspire and encourage our members to become industry leaders in the future.

Community Events

Wellington City is home to a large and diverse community with a wide range of opportunities. As part of our overall strategy, community events will be held to broaden the attributes of our members and give back to the community.

We recognise the importance of professional skills in today’s marketplace and the significant role being involved in the community plays on successful job applications. We aim to provide our members with the opportunity to broaden their skills through volunteer work within the community. We intend to do this by hosting a range of community events that give our members the chance to give back.

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