Full Membership

Requirements for full membership are as follows.

Event participation

As a candidate member, you need to accumulate a minimum of:

  • Four professional events points
  • Two community service events points
  • Note:
    • Attending an event or a service equals one point.
    • Organising an event or a service equals two points.

Academic requirements

  • You will need to maintain an average grade of B+ or higher across the papers of your chosen major(s), or maintain an average grade of B across the papers of your chosen major(s) along with evidence of extracurricular activity excellence (will be assessed by the committee).

Notification of Full Membership

Please note that we only hold initiations for full memberships once a term (except Trimester 3). Each term, we will email initiation details to all members that meet the full membership requirements.

Step 1: Receive an email from us

  • Once you have successfully accumulated four professional events points and two community service events points, we will send you an email confirming that you have met the event participation requirements for full membership. You will be asked to send us your academic transcript to confirm you meet our academic requirements.

Step 2: Send us your transcript.

  • Obtain the screenshot of your unofficial transcript from myTools online (the whole page containing the grade information).
  • If your average grade of the papers of your chosen major(s) is B, we recommend you provide evidence of your extracurricular excellence to support your application for becoming a candidate member. The evidence can be in the form of personal statements along with photos.
  • Email all the information to vuwbap@vuwbap.co.nz.

Step 3: Receive a final confirmation from us

  • We will assess all the information in hand related to your full membership recognition. Once we have finished the assessment process, we will send the final confirmation of full membership to you.