Professional Events

Our key goals in regards to professional events is to create a well-rounded and professionally competent member.

During the graduate recruitment season we plan to host a range of events that give our members the opportunity to network with potential employers. We are currently organising office tours, networking events and mock interviews during this period. Our ultimate aim in providing these events is to give our members the opportunity to network with potential employers, and secure an interview.

From this our focus will shift to hosting events with a diverse range of industries. We aim to host events with firms in the banking, investment, insurance and information technology industries. In addition to this we aim to provide events with at least one public/not-for-profit organisation.

At the beginning of trimester two our focus for professional events will be providing opportunities with current business leaders. As a chapter we are determined to arrange Q+A sessions with a number of business leaders, such as CEO’s, CFO’s and partners. Ultimately we hope these events shall inspire and encourage our members to work towards becoming an industry leader in the future.

If you wish to be part of these events, and be exposed to a range of networking and professional development opportunities, then we strongly encourage you to join our organisation.

If you have any questions, please contact our professional events officer.