Community Events

Wellington city is a large community with a wide range of opportunities. As part of our overall strategy, our focus this year will be to use these opportunities to both broaden the attributes of our members, and give back to the community.

We recognise the importance of not only professional skills in today’s market place, but also the significant role of being involved in the community plays on successful job applications. Hence our goal will be to provide our members the opportunity to diversify their skills through volunteer work within the community.

We intend to do this by hosting a range of community events that give our members the chance to give back. We are currently organising volunteer days with the Wellington Zoo, Zealandia, Riding with the Disabled, and a variety of volunteer collection days with a diverse range of charities.

If you wish to be part of these events, and be exposed to a range of volunteering and personal development opportunities, then we strongly encourage you to join our organisation. If you have any questions, please contact our community events officer.